Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

[58 sec read]

  1. This Ted talk by Simon Sinek shows the characteristics of a good leader who makes his subordinates confident and safe in their jobs.
  2. Leadership is a choice, but not a rank. Leaders sacrifice for their employees. For example, selfless sacrifice of  Captain Swenson during an Afghan battle front in 2009  where he saved other wounded soldiers putting himself at risk.
  3. Leaders make you feel safe. We evolved into social animals, where we lived together and worked together in what I call a circle of safety, inside the tribe, where we felt like we belonged. I can fall asleep at night and trust that someone from within my tribe will watch for danger. The same applies for corporations.
  4. The closest analogy for a leader I can give to what a great leader is, is like being a parent. We want to give our child opportunities, education, discipline them when necessary, all so that they can grow up and achieve more than we could for ourselves.
  5. Leaders go first and eat last. They want to make sure that you get your requirements met first and also they would take risk before anyone else.


Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk

Start with why

Leaders eat last

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