Deep Learning: Emotionally Intelligent Software

[47 sec reading]

  1. In this Ted talk, Rana, ex-computer scientist at MIT, talks about making software emotionally intelligent using their technology based on deep learning.
  2. They have used 12 billions of facial expressions to learn human facial expressions across the world and use that to predict the mode of users.
  3. According to their tests, humans are expressive all the time, even when they are sitting in front of a device alone – including watching videos, texting, shopping online, etc.
  4. Emotion enabled technology could help visually impaired people to recognize faces, people with autism, learning apps catering to your emotions, wearables tacking your mode and making suggestions to you, and make robots more emotionally intelligent [last one sounds scary to me].
  5. She thinks that 5 years down the line all devices will have an emotion chip and believes this technology can do more good than harm (as this technology can be used to abuse users as well).


Ted Talk by Rana el Kaliouby

2 thoughts on “Deep Learning: Emotionally Intelligent Software

  1. There is a lot of privacy issues with such technology as well. Knowing that your emotions are going to recorded and stored forever scares me.


    • Yes, I agree, just like any other digital technology, privacy of users should be safeguarded. In my opinion, this technology will do more good than harm specially in medical field, online education, and internet of things.


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