Teach Girls Bravery, not Perfection

[56 sec read]

  1. In this Ted talk, the founder and CEO of girls who code tries to inspire girls to be brave and not worry about being perfect all the time. She mentioned about her failed run to NY City congress to give an example about her truly brave moment.
  2. HP report: men will apply for job if they have 60% of qualifications, but women will apply only if they have 100%. Women need to be more confident and should take more risks. Women who try to be perfect take less risks and it hurts them and our economy.
  3. Teach girls to code in order to socialize them to be brave. Coding requires perseverance and imperfection.
  4. Girls are more afraid of failure. For example, some girls write code, but press undo buttons to delete her imperfect code; but the end the have a blank screen. We got to get rid of perfection or bust attitude.
  5. During office hour of CS class: Boys – there is something wrong in my code; Girl – there is something wrong in me. We need to begin to undo the socialization of perfection.


Ted Talk by Reshma Saujani

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