Five Ways to be Unhappy, Says Science

[33 seconds | 110 words]

  1. Mindless social media: Facebook and science aren’t friends. Study after study confirms that mindlessly scrolling through social-media feeds is likely to make you lonely, envious, and dissatisfied with your life.
  2. Spending all day indoors: Humans didn’t evolve sitting in cubicles, so unsurprisingly we’re hardwired to find happiness in nature and unhappy to be indoors.
  3. Being materialistic: Excessively focusing on acquiring material goods is one of the quickest route to unhappiness.
  4. Chronic busyness: Constant busyness and productivity fry your brain and make you unhappy.
  5. Bottling up your creativity: Keeping your creative abilities (like cooking, knitting or playing a musical instrument, etc.) will make you unhappy and unhealthy as well.



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