Five Reasons to Put Down Your Smartphone

[49 sec read]

  1. If you find yourself experiencing dry eyes or a neck ache after long phone sessions, it may be time to make a few tweaks to your tech routine. Take these health factors into consideration and keep yourself safe while you swipe.
  2. Smartphones wants to wake you up; they produce “blue light,” which actually tells our brains it’s time to wake up. Keep it away from your bed.
  3. Smartphones, which our eyes work harder to see, are a major cause of eye strains; taking regular breaks from them could help.
  4. “Text neck” is breaking your back; They recommend always being aware of your posture while using your phone, taking a break every 20 minutes to stand up, and rolling your shoulders or going for a walk.
  5. Carpel tunnel due to excessive texting; If you experience symptoms such as tingling in your hands and decreased sensation and strength, it’s time to cut back, take frequent breaks, stretch your wrists and see your doctor if it persists.



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