Loosing Privacy to Gain Security? (aka Mass Surveillance)

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  1. The title image depicts that in order to have security (protecting your home in this case), you need to give up your privacy (privacy of the couple in this case).
  2. For example, FBI paints the picture on NSA’s mass surveillance as a trade off between security and privacy.
  3. However, many experts think that this trade off is a wrong one and people need not have to loose their privacy to gain security.
  4. Further, there are no records indicating surveillance thwarting large terrorist attacks.
  5. Another reason debate is on encryption. FBI is thinking that encryption is bad as criminals can also use it for their advantage. However, this assertion is dangerous to the society as encryption keeps us safe and also protects our privacy.


Going Dark

Bruce Schneier on Security


One thought on “Loosing Privacy to Gain Security? (aka Mass Surveillance)

  1. It is puzzling to see that why we worried more about governments monitoring us and we don’t care much when enterprises spy on their employees. Both look same to me; both violate our privacy.


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