Amit Yoran: Our Problem is not a technology problem [alone]

[53 sec read]

  1. All the security breaches last year (Anthem breach, OPM, Ashley Madison, etc.) and backdoors (Juniper Networks) show that we are not winning and we are not doing security right. With the proliferation of IoT devices the problem is becoming exponentially worse.
  2. Preventive technologies such as firewalls and sandboxes do not work. Prevention is a failed strategy. We need to invest in detection technologies. Gartner predicts that by 2020 rapid detection and response will rose to 60% from 10% now.
  3. Having said that traditional SIMS’s do not work either. We need to have complete visibility and analyze behavior. AI and ML will play a major role in this regard.
  4. Technology alone will not solve the problem either. Hackers are succeeding because they are creative, persistent and single minded. We need to cultivate this culture among those try to defend against hackers.
  5. Additionally, weakening encryption to make surveillance easier is a really bad idea – bad guys will exploit the weakness and also it will badly affect the US economy as international consumers will loose trust on US products.


Amit’s Keynote (Youtube)

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