Five Takeaways from RSAC 2016

[35 sec read]

  1. Assume breach” position was more prevalent than “prevent breach” position; use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to go beyond traditional SIEMs and doing behavioral analytics received more traction.
  2. Encryption is good and backdoors are bad. Melting of perimeters and proliferation of cloud security products including CASB and IoT management related products.
  3. Privacy and national security can co-exist; Government was in a major public relations campaign at RSA this year.
  4. The shortage of cybersecurity workforce is real. The need for bringing non-security personals up to speed with security is a way forward.
  5. Changing nature of data breaches – from credit card theft to personal information to ransomware which has more immediate impact on individuals and day-to-day operations.


RSA Conference 2016

3 thoughts on “Five Takeaways from RSAC 2016

  1. Yes, I agree that vendor proliferation is a real problem in any software industry. Healthy competition is good but too much competition is bad. There are so many siloed products.


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