Computers will Grow Food in the Future

[55 sec read]

  1. In this Ted talk, PI and Director of the Open Agriculture Initiative, Caleb Harper, gives a glimpse of future food production using technology.
  2. An apple we eat is about 11 months old; they are kept inside code storage for months and what we get to eat is a ball of sugar. He wants to do better on this and ask the question how we can get fresh vegetables and fruits.
  3. Traditional agriculture is in a crisis – not many people want to get into agriculture field and less than 2% of Americans are into it (according to 2008 data).
  4. We need to build digital farms; we initially built a farm in our MIT media lab and grew salad in a controlled environment where sensors monitored the growth. These plants even have IP addresses. In the future, they will “talk” to each other through these sensors.
  5. We are currently exploring cheaper ways to build controlled digital farms; we have built small food computers that we use to inspire kids to get interested in agriculture where you will be using your expertise in data science, robotics, technology and computers.


Ted Talk by Caleb Harper

2 thoughts on “Computers will Grow Food in the Future

    • Yes, you are right. I think this will change how we think about agriculture in the future. We need more innovation in this area. I would really like to see a day when we can even digitally (somehow magically) transfer vegetables/fruits from place A to place B.


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