Where is π (Pi) used?

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Geometry problems involving circles and curves

Geometry Problems: Just about any calculations involving circles; the volume of a soda can to the orbits of satellites. Circumference and area of a circle are 2 * π * r and π * r^2 where r is the radius.


Signal processing and spectrum analysis

Signal Processing: Useful in studying curves. helps us understanding periodic or oscillating systems, electromagnetic waves, even music. Sine waves have a fundamental period of 2 * π.


Probability and statistics

Probability and statistics: π is used in the equation to calculate the area under a normal distribution curve, figuring out distributions of standardized test scores, margins of errors in scientific results, etc.

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Biology and biometrics (DNA, Iris, etc.)

Biology and biometrics: The double helix in DNA revolves around π. π is in the pupil of the eye and helps study the structure of DNA, eye, etc.


Navigation and positioning

Navigation: π comes into picture when calculating flight paths, as they fly in arcs and locating yourself using global position systems, etc.



Math Forum

Uses of Pi



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