AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol

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Professional Go payer Lee Sedol

It is a five-game Go match between South Korean professional Go player Lee Sedol and AlphaGo, a computer Go program developed by Google DeepMind, between 9 and 15 March 2016.


AlphaGo won the first three, Lee Sedol stroke back to win the fourth and AlphaGo won the final match. So, AlphaGo won the tournament 4-1. AlphaGo is awarded the highest Go grandmaster rank, ninth dan.


IBM Deep Blue vs. Garry Kasparov

Go is a complex board game that requires intuition, creative and strategic thinking.  It has long been considered a difficult challenge in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and is considerably more difficult to solve than chess. IBM Deep Blue machine beat G. Kasparov in 1997 after the first one was won by Kasparov.


General steps in training a deep NN like AlphaGo


AlhpaGo Tree Search Technique

AlphaGo is a computer program developed by Google DeepMind to play the board game Go. AlphaGo’s algorithm uses a combination of machine learning and tree search techniques, combined with extensive training, both from human and computer play. The system’s neural networks were initially bootstrapped from human game-play expertise using 30 million moves.




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