How Airbnb Designed for Trust

[1m 7s read]

In this TED talk, Joe Gebbia, elaborates on their long journey of building Airbnb and how you can design trust to overcome the deeply rooted stranger-danger bias in our society. In this sharing economy, they have found that only a very small percentage of trouble makes; most of them followed the accepted norms when using shared spaces.



We are taught to think strangers are a danger. If you do not know someone, how can you trust them? In this sharing economy, we can build reputation to change this.



How much reputation do we need? We tend to trust people similar to us. But how about people who are not similar to us? If you add reputation (more than 10 reviews), people come to trust even those dissimilar ones.

It took many tweaks, changes and years before it truly took off. Entrepreneurs should take note of this; perseverance is the key to succeed.



You need to build the right amount of trust as well. If the visitor provides more information, it could be a negative sign of trust for example.

Can we take this trust beyond Airbnb? What if cities embrace the culture of sharing. In fact, in Seoul, South Korea, government has already started sharing unused government parking lots with residents as part of their smart city initiative.


TED talk by Joe Gebbia


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