Inside the Mind of a Master Procastinator

[1m 7s read]

In this great TED talk by Tim Urban discusses about how and why we procrastinate and gives some tips at the end of the talk to help us overcome the procrastinator mindset.


We all plan to work incrementally towards a deadline, but it ends up this way as in the above diagram. We get way more productive nearing the deadline.


Why do we procrastinate? Rational minds won’t. But we all have this “instant gratification monkey” inside us.


The monkey wants you to do fun things like browse FB, check fridge, etc. The rational mind wants to do things that make sense. One in the right is difficult to do. Hence we lean towards the one in the left.


Until the panic monster strikes, we go easy. The day before the deadline. All hyped up to do that rational thing.


That’s about things that have deadlines. What about things like working on a new idea, relationship that do not have deadlines? That is the most dangerous part of procrastination. There is no going back in this case as you won’t realize you are wasting your time and life. Think about these boxes as the weeks in your life. We only have a limited amount of them. Let’s make a commitment to do something to meaningfully fill these boxes today, now!


Ted Talk by Tim Urban

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