The Art of Innovation

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Guy Kawasaki gave a powerful talk at TEDxBerkeley in 2014 where he talked about 10 very influential points to inspire innovation. We picked 5 key points.


True innovators think first about making meaning, NOT money. For example, Google wants to make information easily accessible by everyone.



If you want to make a true impact, jump to the next curve of innovation. For example, ice making jumped 2 curves from harvesting during winter times, making ice in factories any time to refrigerators at households. You can jump to the next curve only if you focus on “what benefit you provide to users” as opposed to “what you do (process/technology)”.



If you wait to ship your product until everything is perfect (e.g. faster processor), you will never innovate. It is okay to be crappy as long as your product achieve the other points.



You may be surprised to see who uses your products and how they use it.. have an open mind to position and brand your product accordingly.



Build a product that is unique and have a value.


TEDxBerkeley talk by Guy Kawasaki

Slides to the talk


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