5 Steps to Improve Your Critical Thinking

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Every day, a sea of decisions stretches before us, and it’s impossible to make a perfect choice every time. However, there are many ways to improve our chances — and one particularly effective technique is critical thinking. Samantha Agoos describes a 5-step process that may help you with any number of problems.


#1 Formulate the question – For example, what are you expecting from the newest diet craze? know what you are looking for (goal) – weight loss, better nutrition, more energy.



#2 Gather information: For example, get information from an expert about the diet program. It helps you weight different options, moving closer to a decision that meets your goal.



#3 Apply the information: For example, an email promising you millions, do I assume the sender is telling the truth? what is shaping my approach to this situation? based on the evidence, is it logical to assume I’ll win any money?



#4 Consider the implications: For example, you like the election promise of cheaper gas, but what about long term environmental effect – cheaper gas, more air pollution?



#5 Explore other points of views: For example, you want to find out what draws people to the candidate you are not currently in favor of. It will allow you to explore alternatives, evaluate your choices, and ultimately help you make a more informed decision.


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