Why Do We Dream

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While there is no definitive answer to this question, dreaming in general helps to improve our well being. Sigmund Freud theorized that everything we remember when we wake up from a dream is symbolic representation of our unconscious primitive thoughts, urges and desires. We picked 5 reasons why we dream from the TED-Ed talk.


#1 We dream to remember: Scientists have found that you can increase the performance on mental tasks by dreaming while sleeping.



#2 We dream to forget: During REM sleep cycle, our brain reviews new connections made and dumps the useless ones in order not to overrun the brain.



#3 We dream to keep the brain working:  While your external inputs reduces (e.g. sleeping), your brain starts to work to consolidate and creates long-term memories. Brain is like a computer screen saver.



#4  We dream to heal: Stress transmitters in the brain are much less active during sleeping/dreaming. This allows for psychological healing.



#5 We dream to solve problems: While we are dreaming, our brain can go over limitless possibilities and formulate solutions that you may not consider while aware. That’s why they say that the best solution for a problem is to sleep on it!


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