Future Through Augmented Reality

[1m 11s read]

Have you watched Iorn Man? Then this TED talk is about making holographic technology a reality. The founder and CEO of Meta, Meron Gribetz, makes the case of holographic/augmented reality technology taking the next step of computer and communication technology.


Today, computers and smartphones disconnect people – For example, while you are having a conversation, you get a phone call and shift your attention to the phone loose the contact with the person you are having the conversation. We glue to the rectangular box to do any task in a computer. The technology should extend our bodies to have a natural experience.



We should use machines that bring our work back into the world – use the principles of neuroscience to extend our senses versus going against them. What can we do with this technology? 3D visualization and interaction with objects such as architecture and human brain are some examples.


We use neuroscience to drive our design. It is the principle of “Neural Path of Least Resistance”.


We are creating a zero-learning curve computer. We are building a system that you’ve always known how to use.


We have 3 design guidelines: 1. You are the operating system. 2. Touch to see (what do babies do when they see something that grabs their interest?). 3. The holographic campfire (Our mirror-neuron subsystem suggests that we can connect with each other and with our work much better if we can see each other’s faces and hands in 3D).


TED talk

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